Z. Extras

Getting Started with Competitive Programming

(an NPTEL course)

Module Z. Extras

Here is a list of a few more ad-hoc and implementation based problems that you can try!

  1. AtCoder Beginner Contest 209 — AtCoder Beginner Contest 209, Task B
  2. Just follow along with the problem statement :) You can either reduce prices one by one, or just subtract N/2 from the sum directly to estimate the discounted cost.

  3. Food Chain — CodeChef Starters 7 Division 3
  4. Execute repeated division for a log-number of steps.

  5. UVA 00725 - Division
  6. This one has a straightforward brute-force solution involving going over all possibilities.

  7. Wonderful Coloring —  Codeforces Round #734 (Div. 3), B1
  8. A simple observation determines the answer and you just have to return the right expression.

  9. Snapper Chain — Google Code Jam 2010, Qualification Round
  10. Hint: think about a bitstring that represents the states of the chain, and how snapping causes this bitstring to evolve.

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