Getting Started with Competitive Programming

Getting Started with Competitive Programming

(an NPTEL course)

  • The next edition of this course will be back in August. Feel free to explore the materials here until then! If you want to learn alongside a cohort and have access to assignments, make sure to register for the NPTEL version of the course.
  • The current edition of the course will run between 24th January and 15th April 2022. The exam date is 23 Apr 2022.
  • Check out the call for TAs and volunteers for the August edition of the course!
  • You can join the Discord community for the course by following this invite link.

👋 Welcome to the notes and resources page for Getting Started with Competitive Programming, a MOOC offering on the Swayam/NPTEL platform. The first edition of this course was launched in August 2021, and it was co-taught by Arjun Arul from Codechef.

You can find pointers to prerequisite materials and optional practice problems on the weekly pages below. If you are enrolled in the course through Swayam then you will also have access to weekly assignments (MCQs and programming assignments).

Class Plan & Materials