Call for TAs

Hritik Kumar
Hey, I am Hritik Kumar from Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata currently studying in my 3rd year infact just about to finish this year. So, I came to know about this opportunity through Coding Minutes and I am very much excited to be a TA in this course. I think i can be a great fit for this role as I have myself completed this course in the most recent batch of it and since i have watched the lectures of this course and goone through the assignments and the final nptel test, i know the course structure, level of commitment and pattern of questions in the entire course. Also i have experience of being in the community and taking sessions of my juniors. Currently, I also have planned sessions on DSA at Coding Minutes Discord Server. I'll also like to mention that i might not be the person who is doing competitive programming for a very long time but still i think i am confident about my understanding of the subject and would be a fair fit for this role.
Tushar Goyal
Hi,My name is Tushar Goyal and I'm currently a 3rd year student of Computer science and engineering in Jaypee institute of information technology,Noida.As this is my 3rd year and Placements are coming up so I'm practicing and improving my coding skills and I'll be a great opportunity for me to join such an amazing community of passionate coders and share knowledge in best possible manner.
Shivansh Choudhary
I firmly believe that being a TA of this course has the perfect environment to continue my pursuit of competitive programming practices and explorations. I consider this opportunity to be a coruscating experience to learn more about collaborating with others in a team. Allowing me to educate myself more about these things. Considering my former experiences in this field, event organisation and management, I am confident that this opportunity will also nourish me further. This is an opportunity towards which I would like to dedicate myself wholeheartedly. I hope to contribute to the community in every way possible, and add to the diverse pool of perspectives available in the organisation. Thanks a lot for considering my application.