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NPTEL Registration is Live
December 1, 2021
My course on Getting Started with Competitive Programming will run from 24 Jan 2022 to 15 Apr 2022. The deadline to register is 31st January 2022.
(More generally, the NPTEL Jan 2022 semester is open with courses across engineering, humanities and social sciences. You can enrol in these courses at no cost here and get a certification by taking up a proctored exam for a nominal fee of Rs 1,000 per course.)
FUN 2022 Dates Announced
November 30, 2021
Submit your most fun work to FUN 2022! Also spread the word with a retweet :)
Two new courses on NPTEL
July 14, 2021
Here’s a Twitter thread with more detailsl
I'll be co-teaching a couple of new courses this August on the NPTEL platform. The first is about competitive programming (co-taught with Arjun Arul from Codechef) and the second is an introduction to parameterized algorithms (co-taught with Saket Saurabh from IMSc). Both are meant as follow ups to a first undergraduate algorithms course.