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2012 Integrated PhD in Theoretical Computer Science
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

2007 BSc in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Mount Carmel College, Bangalore


(See the talks page for the slides.)

2012 Kernels for Planar F-Deletion, Data Reduction and Problem Kernels, Dagstuhl, Germany
2012 Separators with Non-Hereditary Properties, Mini-Workshop on Logic, Proofs and Algorithms, VCLA, Austria
2012 From FVS to F-deletion: the Story of a Simple Algorithm, VCLA, Technical University of Vienna, Austria
2012 Kernelization, Chennai Update Meeting on Parameterized Complexity, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India
2012 Connected Dominating Set and Short Cycles, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India
2011 Efficient Simplification: Polynomial Time Revisited, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

2010 Efficient Simplification: The (im)possibilities, IMPECS School on Parameterized Complexity, Chennai, India
2010 Expansions for Reductions, Workshop on Kernelization, Lorentz Center, Leiden, Netherlands
2010 Connected Dominating Set and Short Cycles, Algorithms Seminar Series, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway
2010 Lower Bounds on Kernelization, Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden
2010 Iterative Compression: Try, try, till you succeed — or fail. Kalasalingam University, Madurai, and Institute Seminar Week, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India


See the publications page.


Have been a teaching Assistant to a Course in Parameterized Complexity.
Refereed works for journals and conferences, including SICOMP, Algorithmica, TOCS, ICALP, STACS, ESA, FSTTCS, LATA, WG, CP, and IPEC.
Skills include C, Python, Mathematica, Web Technologies, LaTeX.

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