3rd to 8th March, 2014 | IMSc, Chennai

Advanced School

on Parameterized Algorithms and Kernelization

This school will focus on several recent advances in parameterized algorithms and kernelization. The one-week event will begin with the fundamentals, including techniques like branching (bounded-depth search trees), iterative compression, color coding, and some elementary examples of kernelization. After establishing the basics, will cover themes involving treewidth, important separators, algebraic techniques, machinery involving matroids, and lower bounds (both in the context of algorithmic running time and kernel sizes).

The lectures that cover this material will be supplemented with tutorial sessions. The format of the workshop interleaves open-ended discussion sessions with the lectures. A more precise schedule will be announced soon. We intend this to be accessible to graduate students with a strong background in algorithms, and optionally some familiarity with the design of parameterized algorithms.

We hope to engage the participants in exciting discussions, both about the material presented and several open problems and directions that will emerge. Arrangements for food and accommodation are made at the venue, so this allows for a flexible and relaxed schedule. Unfortunately, this format also restricts our resources, thus participation is only by invitaiton. However, resources resulting from the workshop, such as slides and notes from the talks, will be made available on this website in due course.